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by Shari Keller, Ph.D.

As featured in NY Arts Magazine

Gardens have always held a deep significance for Laurie Blum, as indeed they have for the great Persian mystics whose poetic visions are memorialized in her paintings. Years ago, Blum created her own Persian garden, replete with a rare assortment of rocks, waterfall, and pool. Since that time, she has traveled the world to Iran, where she discovered in the secret alchemy of gardens, a passageway to the mystical interior of one’s self. For those who seek with the “eye of the Heart”, Blum’s Broadway Gallery exhibition depicts the ethereal Immanence of the Divine garden.

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August 11th & 12th, 2006 @ 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM

83 Spring St. Watertown, MA.
Tel: 617-924-IRAN

IAB is proud to have Laurie and share her talent with the community.

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NEW YORK, NY June 17, 2005 – World Art Media is pleased to announce the opening of My Inner-Outer Garden, featuring works by Laurie Blum. Scheduled to run from July 1st to the 15th at Broadway Gallery (473 Broadway, 7th Floor, NY, NY 10013), the collection will feature paintings in gouache on paper. The artist is inspired by the living energy of nature and animals. Her recent works have focused on symbols from Persian poetry — Sarv Naz, chanar trees, nightingales, rose gardens, orange blossoms and the Ku mountains — and are rich in color and texture, reflecting the vitality of nature. It is the artist’s belief that Shiraz is the most beautiful place on Earth and she hopes that her paintings on Iran will allow her to share this sublime beauty with others.

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