Title: The Mountains, Tree, Gazelle, Lion and Fox
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Dimensions: 18 ' x 12 '
Canvas Shoji Screens

The Mountains, Tree, Gazelle, Lion and Fox

February 2006
Meherabad, India

The story of "Leyli and Majnun" is Nizami’s profoundly exquisite tale of ill-fated lovers. From Majnun's heart spouts living poetry expressing a suffering that transcends worldly human love's limitations and becomes Divine Love. Leyli and Majnun was the inspiration for Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Majnun means "Divinely Mad.

Mountains rise from the Earth to touch the Heavens, human love becomes Divine. From the branches of the Tree fed from roots in the Earth spring flowers, fruits and leaves, but the lotus blossomed canopy of the Soul materializes being fed from the blood of the heart. Gazelle radiant with purity of heart, gazelle eyes are portals to the Soul. Fox is Mind. Either intellect is utilized to oversee and protect the heart, or mind’s maneuvers and trickery create the illusion of separateness and many-ness. The Lion of Love ravishes and consumes the lover till only the Beloved remains.

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