Title: The Weeping Mulberry Tree
Gallery: My Inner Garden

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Gouache on Paper 18 x 24
Collection of the Artist
Giclee Prints $500
Artist embellished giclee prints $5000
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The Weeping Mulberry Tree

April, 2004
Hafez Tomb, Shiraz, Iran

This was my first encounter with the Dervish who frequents Hafez's Tomb. The Dervish sat in the middle of the square and I felt energy tunneling towards me and it filled me with a divine intoxication. He stood up and put his hand on the Mulberry Tree and again the energy shot towards me through the ground and went into my painting and my being. I became so intoxicated that I walked over to the Mulberry Tree and collected its mulberries, painting their wine-colored juice into the tree’s vines.

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