Title: Sparrow and the Roses
Gallery: My Inner Garden

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Gouache on Paper 18x24
Collection of the Artist
Giclee Prints $500
Artist embellished giclee prints $2000
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Sparrow and the Roses

April / June, 2004
Shiraz, Iran and South Carolina

I painted the roses and flowers at Hotel Homa in Shiraz. When I returned to the US I added the sparrow. I didn't understand the symbolism of the sparrow and the roses until I was in India in February 2005. I was ill and someone embraced me and I saw in my mind's eye, the sparrow and the roses and I knew I was the sparrow. I think the sparrow was painted in America because it is a plain bird and the roses of Shiraz are exotic and bright. A sparrow enters nooks and cracks and goes unnoticed with its common appearance. In this same way I have been ushered into a world that seems very familiar to me (Iran) and I am accepted there. The sparrow sits in the sand and blends perfectly as I have reveled in the glory of the beauty of Iran. In my case it is my soul that finds its mirrored image in the beauty of Iran.

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