Title: The Cypress Tree with Iranian Raven
Gallery: My Inner Garden

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Gouache on paper (18 x 24)
Missing - disappeared in 2009 in Washington DC
Giclee Prints available: $500 plus S/H
Artist embellished also available: $2000 plus S/H

The Cypress Tree with Iranian Raven

Spring 2004
Garden of Paradise
Shiraz, Iran

This painting is first of the series of the Cypress Trees from the Garden of Paradise in Shiraz, Iran. The painting represents a turning point in my life and work. All of a sudden every thing seemed sharper and clearer and alive! The Cypress is my favorite tree in Iran and I hear it is the favorite of the people of Iran also. I love the Iranian Raven. It is a very joyful, clever bird and is quite unafraid of people.

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