Commissions and Purchasing


Surround yourself with a living environment; my paintings are gouache on paper or oil on canvas, murals and screens created just for you, hand-painted giclee prints, and museum quality, archival pigment inks on 100% cotton paper, giclee prints of my INNER GARDEN. 

Or live within one of my paintings- a garden-extraordinaire! I will design and install a unique oasis: an effervescent Garden of Paradise-ever new, ever fresh for you, using the colorful plants, trees and rocks of your locality to create living gardens- inside and outside. I look forward to enriching your surroundings with "heart-works".

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The eyes are the window to the Soul. How can we bring Heaven on Earth? What is our Soul? To bring Heaven on Earth our eyes must focus on the Beauty and Truth of Our Real Existence. There is a perfect harmony reverberating from Nature's Beauty. Capture some of its essence, like perfume, and surround yourself to live in its environment. Does not the bee or hummingbird derive nectar from the flower and renew itself; why shouldn't we? Wake up to its freshness, ever-new, every day from Now on. Sheik Sa'adi has said: "You can pluck a rose and it will stay fresh for seven days, but when you read one of my ghazels (poems), the rose remains fresh eternally with dew on it every time you read it."

Please contact Laurie, to begin the journey back to Eden and allow your surroundings to mirror the beauty of the Inner Self.